RBA VAP Preparation Workshop and Code of Conduct Training  

RBA Virtual Training
Americas: December 11 - 19, 2023
Asia: December 12 - 20, 2023
These courses will be conducted in English
This training will be conducted in the CST/PST time zone and is recommended for those who live in the Americas or Asia 
Our Virtual Trainings are designed to prepare participants to have an indepth understanding on the RBA Code of Conduct and to undergo VAP Assessments.  
Members and Non-Members 
Registrants are required to attend Module 1 - 4.  Registrants must attend all courses within the same training session.  

New RBA-Approved Auditors

Auditors that are new are required to attend all 6 modules.  Auditors must attend all modules within the same training session.  If you are renewing your certification - do not register for this course.  Please see our reach out to training@responsiblebusiness.org for renewal trainings.   

Prerequisite Online Modules
Three online modules must be completed in the RBA Learning Academy Prior to taking the Live Online Module 1.  You will be sent a link after registration and can take the prerequisite modules at your convenience.
Live Online Modules
Our Training instructor will host live online training sessions via Zoom Meeting (select specific dates during registration).  There are four live online modules (six for RBA-approved auditors).
David Yeung

Join us Virtually for Both VAP Preparation Workshop and Code Training
Cost of Course: $750 USD

David Yeung a CSR professional with 22 years of experience in support of international CSR programs. David was the former CEO of Benchmarks Ltd, a Hong Kong and China based auditing and consulting company. Before that David was a senior manager within Hanesbrands Inc, and Li and Fung Ltd. David setup his own training development business in 2011, and has provided critical training services to the CSR industry for major brands and retailers for over 8 years.
Module 1:
  • Intro to RBA and VAP Preparation
  • RBA Management Systems


Module 2:

  • RBA Labor Managment 


Module 3:
  • RBA Health and Safety 


Module 4:
  • RBA Environmental and Ethics


Module 5 (Only for RBA-Approved Auditors):
  • Auditor Interview Skills 


Module 6 (Only for RBA-Approved Auditors): 
  • VAP Report Writing 
  • Auditor Test