RBA Service Lead Certification

By achieving the RBA Services Lead designation, participants will have a solid understanding of:    

  1. The RBA Code of Conduct and how to apply it in services locations
  2. Industry Standards
  3. Elements of an effective Worker Communication Program
  4. Ensuring Health and Safety
  5. Understanding Chemical Management
  6. Improving Working Conditions
  7. Recognizing Forced Labor
  8. RBA Validated Assessment Program (VAP) and Corrective Action Plan (CAP) Management

Please note that some trainings will refer to a factory setting, but the concepts are applicable in any working environment.


  1. Completion of these courses increases knowledge of social and environmental standards
  2. Provides attendees with an understanding of the RBA Code and an RBA assessment
  3. Certificate is valid for 2 years from completion of courses and testing
  4. Name listed on RBA’s member-only portal, on a list of Certified RBA Services Leads
  5. Invitation to RBA Events and Webinars