The Challenge

The RBA Code of Conduct is a robust set of standards that are designed to positively impact workers and the environment. While many factories are committed to meeting these standards they need additional tools and trainings to help them achieve a level of performance that meets the standards of RBA Members.  As you reach tier two or tier three in the supply chain, more factories need specialized attention, appropriate tools, and relevant resources.

With RBA expanding membership to additional industries, many factories are new or still developing to meet the RBA Code.  Other factories that have been on the RBA journey for years, have gone beyond high audit scores to reach a level of performance that often goes unrecognized. The Responsible Factory Initiative focuses on the journey of a factory and offers assistance and support, regardless of where a factory is in their journey. 

Benefits of Membership

Whether your factory is a leader in implementing the RBA Code of Conduct or just getting started, there are many benefits to becoming a member of the RFI. The Responsible Factory Initiative (RFI) was launched in 2018 to provide a unifying architecture for RBA factory-level tools and programs that meet the needs of customers looking to assess and develop their supply chain partners as well as factories at all levels of maturity. The RFI offers access to all of the online, and on-demand trainings, webinars, and data sheets. It comes with access to RBA tools like RBA-Online, the eLearning Academy and the RBA Factory Certified Lead program. 

The architecture builds on existing tools and programs currently available to members, including a supply chain risk assessment tools, facility-level Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), the Validated Audit Program (VAP), VAP Recognition Program, and Factory Lead Certification. Additional capability building programs are being adding in 2019.

 Membership includes access to:

  • RBA-Online ($250 annual value)
  • RBA eLearning Academy ($1500 value)
  • RBA Factory Certified Lead program ($800 value)

   In addition, specific services and tools are provided to members to assist in establishing factory-level capability programs, including these new services in 2019:

  • Verified SAQ
  • Factory Engagement Program
  • Trainings on the top findings in a VAP audit: Working Hours and Emergency Preparedness


RFI membership is for individual factories, open to RBA non-member factories that support the objectives of the RFI and whose primary objective of joining the initiative is the implementation of the RBA Code of Conduct at the site.  RBA members and owned factories do not need to become members of RFI as these tools are already available to them with their RBA membership. For suppliers who have multiple factories, RBA membership is suggested.