1. Introduction and Framing:
  •  Leah Butler, RMI
  • Jan Pieter Barendse, Dutch MFA
2.       European Union Requirements and Accompanying Tools/Resources
  • Marten Westrup, DG Trade
  • Michal Spiechowicz, DG Grow
3.       Company Case Studies – How are companies preparing? What are examples of practical steps for upcoming year?
a.       Refiner Perspective
  • Virginie Bahon, Valcambi
b.       Downstream Voluntary Perspective
  • Julian Lageard, Intel
4.       Civil Society Expectations
  • Michael Gibb, Global Witness
5.       Discussion  – facilitated by Leah Butler (RMI) and Jan Pieter Barendse (Dutch MFA)
a.       Linkages to industry tools and resources
b.       Questions and Answers  
6.       Closing