Responsible Business 2019 and the RMI Annual Conference 2019 will be held October 21 - 22, 2019 in Santa Clara, California at the Santa Clara Convention Center


When you invest in an RBA sponsorship, your company will benefit from:
  • Introductions to people and companies through RBA events, webinars, newsletter, and website promotion
  • Unprecedented recognition as part of the RBA’s sponsorship program
  • Live networking events and access to RBA members who are looking for solutions


RBA sponsorship puts your company in front of leaders of electronics industry responsible supply chain management teams, allowing you to:
  • Partner with the first and only association representing electronics industry decision makers in every part of the responsible supply chain management process
  • Affiliate with member companies worldwide
RBA Vendor Membership and Sponsorship
Each year members of the world’s largest coalition of electronics companies dedicated to the social, ethical and environmental responsibility of their supply chains gather with their peers and stakeholders to discuss their most pressing challenges and meaningful solutions. Be part of the conversation and join us as a Vendor Member, Sponsor and/or Exhibitor at the RBA’s annual conference Responsible Business 2019.
Vendor Members, Exhibitors and Sponsors at Responsible Business 2019 Conference benefit from extensive exposure to and networking opportunities with leading electronics companies (view our member list here), as well as representatives from different industries, NGOs, IGOs and other organizations. Vendor Members, Exhibitors and Sponsors will also have prominent visibility for their company logo in event materials. Please see the options that follow.
RMI Vendor Membership and Sponsorship
Once a year, hundreds of companies from the world’s leading cross-industry initiative on conflict minerals gather with their peers and stakeholders to discuss key challenges, best practices and the changing regulatory landscape on conflict minerals and supply chain due diligence. Be part of the conversation and join us as a sponsor at the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) Annual Conference.
RMI engages with a variety of organizations to discuss emerging issues, best practices and shared challenges. RMI views our vendor members as valuable partners in promoting broad-based, multi-industry action to support responsible sourcing practices across supply chains. With support from a variety of companies, we can collectively promote ethical sourcing by increasing the effectiveness and impact of collaborative, cross- industry tools, platforms and resources. Join the conversation by becoming a RMI Vendor Member!
  1. Sponsor memberships remain with the Sponsor organization and do not transfer with the individuals in the organization.
  2. Prices are in U.S. Dollars. RBA can only accept payment in U.S. Dollars.
  3. Do not contact RBA/RMI members or event attendees without prior approval of RBA/RMI